Scuba diving has now spread all over the island, and there are more than 75 centres or schools where you can learn to dive in the depths. You also have the alternative of renting special excursions and diving equipment, and if you are a foreigner and speak other languages, the monitors are fluent in different languages and will help you on your underwater routes.

This activity is practised by local residents and many tourists from all over the world, because it complements holidays, rest days and leisure time.

Thousands of tourists already know the advantages of these turquoise waters, which everyone loves, and return again to anchor because of the varied options for experienced divers and beginners who start with free diving, as a basic exercise for immersion.

You can go scuba diving at all levels from the boats, coasts and centres located all along the coastline. The wonderful waters of this island are favourable for this activity. A very popular activity due to the excellent temperatures and visibility at the bottom of the sea.