The market of Sineu, a weekly market in Mallorca that has been held every Wednesday of the week for hundreds of years. It is located in the centre of the beautiful village of Sineu, in the Plaza del Mercat.

The market of Sineu is special, where you will find a market with a lot of tradition and culture. A weekly market in Mallorca where the locals trade with local and artisan products. Fruits, tools, machinery, clothes and even farm animals are some of the products you can buy. The Sineu market is the only market in Mallorca where you will find live animals.

An ideal market to stroll around with the whole family and for the children to be close to the animals themselves. The Sineu market is undoubtedly the most traditional of all and the one that brings you closest to the island’s agricultural life. You can return home with a local product from the island, such as sobrasada or ensaimada, as well as a donkey or a sheep.