If you are thinking of visiting a market and it is Thursday, you are in luck, the Inca market is your solution. One of the most renowned weekly markets on the island. A market that combines a lively atmosphere with the best local and artisan products of the island.

The Inca market is undoubtedly one of the largest weekly markets in Mallorca, if not the largest on the island. This market has more than 350 stalls and has a waiting list of almost 1,000 sellers, a fact that speaks volumes about the important influx it receives every week.

Inca’s market is characterised by the fabulous smell it gives off from each of its stalls. Both fresh smells of organic products, such as fruit and vegetables, and intense smells of cheese and cold meats. In the Inca market, apart from food, you can also buy other products such as clothes, footwear, handmade household goods, tools, etc.

Another fact that is worth mentioning and that is important to understand the importance of the market in Inca is the Dijous Bo. Every year in November, the municipality of Inca brings together more than 120,000 people at its Dijous Bo market. A market in Inca that comes together with a famous festival and that possibly makes it one of the most important events in Mallorca.