Calvia has many weekly markets in the different localities that make up the municipality. The most common is the Calvia market itself, Calviá vila, a traditional market held every Monday from 8am to 1pm.

The Calvia market is one of the oldest on the island, with 60 stalls where you will find authentic local produce and various handicrafts. The market is located near the parish church of Sant Joan. The market of Calvia is very frequented by the residents of the island and in the summer season also by tourists.

In the market of Calvia you will find an ideal atmosphere for a nice walk surrounded by different aromas, flowers and charming people. A perfect plan to live with the family and at the same time get to know the beautiful town.

Within the municipality of Calvia there is also an alternative market to the one mentioned above, with a different but at the same time striking theme. This is the Calvia market of Son Bugadelles.

The Son Bugadelles market is a Calvia market held every Sunday in the Son Bugadelles industrial estate. Here you will find genuine second-hand bargains and valuable antiques, the perfect place to bring out your haggling side and get the best price.

Calvia is undoubtedly the perfect place to get to know first-hand what a real weekly market in Mallorca is like.